The Idea Behind VIP

The Volunteer Incentive Program "pays" the children of youth teams, clubs, and groups in our community, $8.00 per hour for the time they spend volunteering in the community. The VIP maximizes the impact of your contribution by supporting both the youth groups and the non-profit organizations receiving the volunteer help. Rather than making the difficult decision of who to support, a single donation can benefit multiple groups, or you can designate your donation to benefit the group of your choice.
Business Benefits
  • Consolidates the donation process. A single donation to VIP benefits multiple student organizations!
  • VIP is 100% tax deductible.
  • The money donated to the VIP fund is invested in our youth, then reinvested in the community through service. . . a double return!

Community Benefits
  • Increases the volunteer pool available to non-profit organizations.
  • Instills civic pride by educating and involving youth in the needs of the community.
  • No more buying donuts, candy bars, raffle tickets. The money invested is put to great use!

Youth Benefits
  • Creates a positive fundraising experience and team building opportunity supported by the community.
  • Teaches youth that sponsorship of their activity is not an entitlement, but like anything one wants in life, needs to be earned.
  • Gives youth the opportunity to experience the gratification of helping others, and to recognize that our world needs their contribution.
Core Values
Inspire Good Citizenship •  Promote a Strong Work Ethic •  Foster Civic Pride
Our Mission
To support our youth by incentivising them to serve in the community.
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